The world of work has changed. Have you?

Over decades we’ve all been programmed by society, to operate in the way in which we do, including our propensity to live with capitalistic values.

Traditional employment typically has set working hours between 9am and 5pm (with opportunities to do more). But who did the analysis that said that everyone operates at an optimal level between these times? What’s more, why do we all travel to work at the same time? The fixed operational hours of the business world, is just the start of a system trying to adapt.

Does this sound all too familiar?

20th Century thinking

Organisations have been subconsciously breeding specific cultures for generations, and they’re not all healthy.

What businesses and brands don’t recognise is that more often than not they unintentionally institutionalise those inside. This reduces an individual’s ability to think outside of that particular framework. This has been recognised by a number of brands, who have looked at measures to avoid such stagnation, and in part they’ve succeeded, but this isn’t the norm.

For those who are trapped they perform to the parameters which have been laid out in front of them, which by its very nature is mechanistic. This way of working is monotonous and over time creates dissatisfaction.

Want to climb out of that box?

Job titles should come with a health warning

Individuals all over the world are making a trade with their time for money. In reality and what they probably don’t realise is that they’re trading their lives for money.

The balance has tipped the wrong way, so much time is being spent in the workplace (or travelling to the workplace) that value equation just doesn’t stack up. We should expect certain job roles to come with a health warning, as organisations continue to manufacture ill health in the workplace.

Do you think it’s time for change?

The future is life capitalism

The world of work has changed. We will start to see spirit in business becoming a measure and if your purpose doesn’t align to your organisation, you have the power to move on.

We are specialists in creating lifestyle businesses, by expressing the value of people. For those existing founder-led businesses, we’re world class at creating personal brands to attract the right talent and directly affect the bottom line.

Imagine choosing to work 3 days a week, 10 months of the year… The alternative is you carry on along the same road you’ve always travelled. But if you have the slightest doubt, or don’t want to be left wondering, ‘what if’, then your path could change.

We all have more choice, more opportunity to earn money and more time than ever before. For those who’ve already adopted a Zengility Life, some have chosen to work 3 days a week, 10 months of the year, whilst still enjoying the fruits of their labour.

Tell me how…




Having worked with so many individuals we’ve found them to be unfulfilled, looking for re-invention or just paralysed to make change. There’s a brand in everyone because everyone has a purpose. We guide individuals to find their essence, then develop their brand and help them set up a business around their lifestyle.


In today’s highly competitive business world finding clear space can be tricky. We develop CEOs, founders, directors, doctors and business leaders helping them establish personal brands, to give them a true authority in the space they operate. Which in turn helps to grow their business from the inside out.


If you’ve created a great business but it’s plateaued and you’re wanting growth, we should be talking. We guide business owners to revitalise their brand using tried and trusted methodologies. Helping shape future business growth through implementation of performance and brand strategies.

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